National Gemological Institute for Certificates and Reports

IGN – National Gemological Institute is an independent gemological laboratory which was established in 1990; it is a highly technological laboratory, specialized in applied gemology. We issue certificates and reports on diamonds, colored stones, pearls and other organic materials.

IGN Professional Skills

Professional Skills

IGN gemologists are certified to act in the chamber of commerce of Rome and at the penal and civil court of Rome. Please check our CVs for details on our skills.

IGN Certification and Courses

Certification & Courses

We analyze, release certification and/or expertise on gems and jewels. We also organize gemological courses by IGI Worldwide – International Gemological Institute Antwerp.

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The laboratory is located in Piazza di Spagna (Spanish steps) Rome, 1 minute from “Spagna” station, on the Metro A line. We speak English, French, Portuguese and Spanish.

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For any question you might have, here are our contacts:

Telephone:+39 (0)6 6783056 -

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